Factory Tour

Production Line Profile
Our factory are specializing in the Carton Making Machine, Folding Machine, Flex Printing Machine , Carton Packing Machine and OEM / ODM service.

There is also the most advanced testing equipment in the same industry, as well as a complete and scientific
quality management system. The company has a strong production capacity, keeping up the pace of new product
development in the market.

We are devoted to improve production conditions and introduce advanced equipments to produce perfect products
made of high quality material by applying exquisite technique and strict quality management at each service link.

OEM / ODM Profile

We always looking for sincere and mutual cooperation with customers all over the world.
We can be your best suppliers with wide range of mold products.Also we are capable in
providing OEM / ODM services.

Our factory can offer very good OEM / ODM service,response quick and professional.

R&D Profile
Research & Development

There is/are 5 – 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.
The corporation empasize technology innovation to develop better. According to the experience of workpeople and our customers’ request,the technology engineer improve products’ capability and quality ,refering to each components.