BOPP Film Mailing Pouches Custom Packaging Envelopes With Bubble Linings

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BOPP Film Mailing Pouches Custom Packaging Envelopes With Bubble Linings

Category : Plastic Film

Postal Bubble Envelope PBC- 250*180+50mm Mailing Bubble Envelopes

Made of BOPP film with bubble linings, the pearl poly bubble mailer can protect the goods from damage during the delivery course. The outer layer of the pearl poly bubble envelope is quake-proof, puncture-proof and water resistance The inner bubble can prevent the goods from pressure, bumping, dropping etc.

Lightest: Lightest weight for Postal savings.
Excellent protection:Fully laminated, the pearl poly bubble envelope offers maximum all round protection moisture,
tear and puncture resistance
Premium Appearance:White pearl exterior for optimum appearance, excellent for printing.
Customer Satisfaction:One or two cloour printing are available.
Easy to Use:High-slip bubble lining in this pearl bubble mailer can make goods insert easily.
Writing excellently on the pearl surface.
Versatile: Convenient self-seal closure eliminates the need for staples and tape and forms a water-resistant, secure package
Suggested Applications:Pearl Poly Bubble Mailer can be used for Drugs,Audio CDs, Novelties,,Jewelry and Spare
Parts ect.
Recycled Content: 100% recycle, and accord with the request of environmentalism
Perfect Replacer:Pearl Poly Bubble Envelope is a perfect replacer of the wood box and paper box for the packaging.

Standard sizes in the North:

YDP-1 250 x 180 + 50 100 570 x 270 x 220
YDP-2 360 x 240 + 50 100 570 x 380 x 280
YDP-3 380 x 330 + 50 100 570 x 400 x 370
YDP-4 480 x 350 + 50 100 570 x 500 x 390

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