DCS-50GS Particles weighing packaging machine

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DCS-50GS Particles weighing packaging machine

Category : Plastic Film

Particles weighing packaging machine

Product name:Particles weighing packaging machine

Plastic particles weighing packaging machine First, the technical parameters Packing Capacity15kg-50kg; Packaging accuracy0.2% ; Weighing mode: sensor Weighing Rated Speed250 to 400 packages ( 10 to 15 t ) / h ( the incoming flow, speed) ; Weighing device: the largest weighing 25kg/50kg, dividing the value of d: 20g/50g; ? The basic conditionssolid concrete ground level , concrete thickness should be greater than 15cm.

Temperature range-10~ +45 ℃. Relative humidity: <95% ( non-condensing ) . ? Power supply voltage: 220V, 50HZ. Air SupplyPressure 0.5MPa0.1MPa, air consumption0.1m3/min. Weight: about 600kg Dimensions1200 * 900 * 2700 (mm) Second, the main features The weighing control instrument control measurement, high accuracy, consistency using gravity feed mechanism , fast , to ensure equipment reliability less wearing parts , less maintenance , long life easy operation, long-term use does not leak material suitable for fertilizer , feed, food , seed plants automatic measurement products are single bucket , double bucket weighing two kinds of forms Third, optional accessories A sealing device A: Sewing Machine ( edging, non- edging ) B: heat sealing machine 2 , folder bag form ( clamp the bag , the bag holder , airbags ) 3 , the conveyor belt 4 , materials ( steel, stainless steel ) 5, automatic hoist

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